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Internet Brothers Presents - Web Awards for the New Millennium

"Having once decided to achieve a certain task, achieve it at all costs of tedium and distaste. The gain in self-confidence of having accomplished a tiresome labor is immense." — Thomas Arnold Bennett

Internet Brothers Presents: Winners for February 2000

Internet Brothers Presents: Site of the Month

Crumpled Papers by Bobbie Osborne Crumpled Papers - One of the nicest people on the Web, Bobbie Osborne takes creative destiny to new heights with this eclectic collection of inspirational and orginal poetry, web graphics and whatnots; and anything else that will suit her fancy and entertain you or her own self during those late, mindless nights. Put on your jammies and get a warm cup of comfort. Crumpled Papers is our Site of the Month from January 2000.

Internet Brothers Presents: Elite Sites

The Books of Hope The Books of Hope - Through 12 distinct contributions — one from each of 12 visionaries — seeks to elicit debate, thought, commentary and hope about how we as individuals, as a society and a world will meet the challenges of the new millennium.

This series of topic-driven discussions initiated by visionaries from a cross section of disciplines (including Nelson Mandela, The Dalai Lama and Betty Friedan), brings to the Internet the old-media ethos of depth of subject matter and meaningful context, complemented by the immediacy of audience commentary and response. Presented with the best that Internet multimedia has to offer.

Developers Network Developers Network is the hub for a network of online properties that provide information, tools and resources that facilitate and motivate the craft and business of web site production. Developers Network offers a unique perspective of the Internet industry by producing and publishing their own daily news, company profiles and articles that provide consumers with service and product reviews of leading and innovative companies.

Production Graphics with Wendy Peck Production Graphics - Tutorials and tips for working graphic designers. This is not the glitz of the Web design world, but the down in the trenches, client paying you to produce great work in no time world. Professional appearance is important, and this site focuses on quick tips for effects that look great, load quickly and are easy to accomplish. A marvelous and recent addition to the staff of one of our favorite sites,, Wendy Peck is your hostess for practical and usable solutions. What would you like to learn?

Internet Brothers Presents: Advanced Technology

PC Show and Tell Free Java

Internet Brothers Presents: Children - The Future Looks Bright

Snoopy's Site

Internet Brothers Presents: Artistry and Design

Acro Media Inc.
Hydrid Design
South Molle Island Resort
inFantasy ***
Penny Lane Graphics


*** Parental Advisory

Internet Brothers Presents: Helpware and Community

A Puppy Place
Automall Atlantic
Electric SchoolHouse
H.I.P. Pocket Change
Wealth of the Rainforest

Internet Brothers Presents: Commercial Business

Gordon & Glickson
Absolutely Write
Andy Warhol Cigars

This month, we want to recognize Jill Keogh of for a "Great Idea."

Previous Internet Brothers Presents winners may be found here:

October 1999    |    November 1999   |    December 1999   |    January 2000

We made many friends and lasting relationships through our previous award program, the Internet Brothers Plaque for Helpware Excellence. We reviewed many excellent and educational sites and always enjoyed the reactions of the winners of our awards. As a commitment to the dedication and hard work put in by those many wonderful webmasters, we will always continue to make our former winners lists available to them and our visitors. You can look at it as a small directory of really good web sites. Go here to meet them.

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