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Making your presence known on the web involves a four phase approach — setting your strategy, developing your design, technical production, and implementation. To be effective, work them in order. Otherwise you will end up with a disjointed hodgepodge of broken dreams and unfulfilled aspirations. Internet Brothers helps you with creating a plan, preparing a design template that will lay out the look and feel of your site, the basics of web markup including HTML and CSS, developing and/or locating digital graphics to enhance the appearance, as well as introducing yourself to the internet through web site promotion and search engine optimization. The process is fun; the results rewarding.

Site Building Helpware for the Cybercommunity

This Could Be You Planning Your Web Site — Get it on paper first. If you are a raw beginner at web site development, we believe it's important to take the time to learn and practice the fundamentals. It allows you to be more flexible in the future, as your requirements become more complex. Find your niche. It helps with establishing your all important community. Also, be sure to prepare a post-implementation strategy that includes site management and maintenance, and the best web hosting for your needs.

Layout and Design — Boldly stepping into territory where we have no business, here you'll find advice for the no-talent artist (been there, done that), enhancements for readability with margins and page alignment, as well as some examples of color spectrum do's and don'ts. It is also very important to choose a sound navigational concept. What will these guys think of next?

HTML Basics — Hypertext Markup is the language of the World Wide Web. It is also what you will need to learn if you want to join us here. It isn't difficult so far as programming goes. It's nicely structured, and it is your ticket to fun, education, and perhaps even wealth. We'll begin with the basic "tags", progress to some of the intermediate techniques like formatting, and finish with samples of multimedia construction. So put on your thinking caps, get ready to take notes, and welcome to the world of HTML. It's DIY.

Without marketing, registering a domain name and building a web site is not much different than getting an unlisted phone number and wondering why no one calls.

HTML Advanced Topics — If you think you're ready to move on, we've prepared instruction for some of the more esoteric HTML constructs. Take a look at our tutorials on tables, forms, frames, and Cascading Style Sheets (CSS). Web page designers have traditionally used frames and tables to control elements' placement, but this still doesn't allow for absolute control of the elements on the page, because the page size changes as users reshape their browser windows. Dynamic HTML promises to change all that. DHTML is an extension of, or addition to HTML that gives web page designers absolute control over elemental coordinates on a page, and also opens the door for the addition of new multimedia elements. Come on in. We warn you though, if you really pay attention, you might just become an expert.

Web Graphics — Undoubtedly the most time consuming task in building web pages, at least for us anyway, digital graphics can also be one of the most enjoyable activities you undertake. You are limited only by your creativity, and perhaps your software budget, but remember that graphics play a vital role in catching your visitor's eye. From 3D rendering to animation effects, stimulating your viewer's imagination will keep them coming back.

Web Site Promotion — Those who wait for the world to surf in will eventually give up, or die waiting. Your internet efforts are only beginning with the launch of your perfect web site. On the net as in the traditional marketing world, if no one knows you exist they will not come to visit. Establishing a reputation takes as much effort in cyberspace as it does in real life. Strategies and techniques are different, but for both it is an ongoing, evolving process. Here are some online promotion basics to get your web site noticed and keep it visible.

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