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We have endeavored to make navigation of this site as simple as possible, but you know how new fangled technologies can be, they don't always work as planned. If you are having difficulty with the hierarchical menus, first give us a good curse, then please let us know, and in the meantime use the map links below.

Home - An Introduction to the Site

IB Community - Creative Writing and Forums

About Us - A Brief Description of the Internet Brothers
     Colorado Bro - The Photographer and Adventurer
     West Virginia Bro - The Nuts and Bolts
     FAQ Answer Bros - Frequently Asked Questions
     Our Honors - Many Thanks to Those Who Have Liked Us
     Lucid Confusion - Random Thoughts On the Meaning of Life
     Link To Us - We'll Love You Forever
     Privacy Policy - Your Rights on Our Site

Tips and Tools - How to Establish Your Web Presence
     Planning Your Web Site
           The Bare Essentials
           Do Your Own Thing
           Community Building 101
           Design Concept
           Site Management and Maintenance
     HTML Basics - The Building Blocks of the Web
           Getting Started
           HTML Tags
           Manipulating Text
           Graphic Images
           Manipulating Images
     HTML Advanced Topics - When You're Ready to Do More
           Tables - 3 part tutorial
           Forms - 3 part tutorial
           Frames - 4 part tutorial
           Tricks with Style Sheets - 2 part tutorial
     Dynamic HTML - Adding Interactivity to Your Pages
           Internet Explorer
           Cross Browser
           Cascading Style Sheets Basics - 2 part article
     Graphics - Bring Color and Art to Your Presentation
           Basic Formatting
           Simple Animation
           Text and Graphics
           3D Effects
           Free Holiday Graphics
           Graphics Editors
           Professional Logo Design
     Layout and Design - Making It All Look Right
           Margins and Text Justification
           Type and Colors
           Web Design for the No-Talent Artist
           Anti-Aliasing, aka Removing the Jaggies
           Components of a Great Website - Guest Article by Merle
     Web Site Promotion - Letting the World Know You Are Out There
           Promotion Basics - 4 part article
           Yahoo! We Made It - 2 part article
           Tracking Visitors
           Guest Articles
           Important Links
           Top 10 Referrers List
     Digital Photography Tips - Instant Gratification
           Step One - differences between film and digital
           Digital Techniques - 2 part article
           I Can't Decide - tips for choosing a digicam
           Touchups - 2 part article
           Creating QuickTime VR Panoramas - 2 part article
           Storing Digital Photos - long-term retention
     Desktop Publishing - Professionalizing Your Web Design
           DTP Basics - 2 part article
           Working with a Desktop Publisher - 3 part article by John Gold
           Text in Terms of Layout - by Judy Vorfeld
           DTP Potpourri - 2 part tutorial by Judy Vorfeld

Internet Brothers Presents - Web Awards

Photography - Stunning Digital Imagery
     America's National Parks
           Zion National Park
           Bryce Canyon National Park
           Capitol Reef National Park
           Rocky Mountain National Park
           Arches National Park
           Great Smoky Mountains National Park
           Shenandoah National Park
     Mountain Scenery
     Appalachian Highlands
     The Blue Ridge Parkway
     Lake Tahoe
     Visual Guest Book

Musings - Random Thoughts and Findings
     Interviews with The Masters
           Bobbie Osborne - Crumpled Papers
           Joe Jenett - jenett webthings
           Wally Gross - Surfers Choice Internet Awards
           Heather Champ - Jezebel... A Site For Sore Eyes
           Míc Miller - The Beeline
           Elise Marks Tomek - Saucy Tomato Design
           Ron Wilson - Outspan
           Mark Connell - Shadowboxer and WebbieWorld
     Our Opinions
           Yahoo/Geocities - Gypsys, Tramps, and Thieves
           Online Freedom of Expression
           Clinton's Foreign Policy
           Environmental Extremists - 2 part article
     Observed on the Web
     Future Shock - Articles About Future Technologies
           New Web Browsing Ideas
           DNA Computing
           Electronic Paper
           Societal Transformation
     Just Stuff
     Predictions 2000

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