Free online betting basics you should know about

Nowadays, majority of the online bookmakers offer bonuses and free bets to new signups, hoping that all such starting-out punters will use their services for all primary betting activities. However, just like anything, you shouldnít take up any such offer without understanding it well. Letís throw some light on the types of such bookmaker offers so that you know what youíre getting into. Bonuses and free bets offered by bookmakers come in several different formats. Below are the most commonly seen versions of them in the online sports betting marketplace. Please also keep in mind that there are usually restrictions placed on such free bets, depending upon their format. These conditions might vary from bookmaker to bookmaker.

Matched free bets

matched free bets Considered to be the most commonly noted bonus bet type offered by bookmakers, this one involves simply opening up an account with the bookmaker and then placing a bet. Thereafter, the bookmaker matches the wager amount, making your initial wager double, giving you a chance to score a much higher return from your bet. Putting it in other words, if you place a £ 50 bet on Man City to win its upcoming match against Arsenal, with a certain online bookmaker that offers this bonus, he will match your initial stake and add another £ 50 to your bet, making your total stake £ 100. Normally bookmakers restrict the minimum and maximum amount you can bet under such bonus, ensuring that they donít have to incur huge losses. In most cases, the minimum bet amount matched by the bookmaker is usually in the vicinity of 5 pounds, with the maximum being £ 25 or £ 50. You might also have to make sure that the minimum odds are at least 1.50.

A series of free bets

Quite like the matched free bets detailed above, the only thing different in these bets is that the total free bet amount is divided into multiple individual bets, instead of a one-time lump-sum bonus. To elaborate on its workings, a typical offer of this kind might be something like betting £ 50 on Man United vs Leicester City EPL match and getting five free bets of £ 10 each. Such offer will also come with a time-based restriction and corresponding expiry dates of the free bets. In most cases, after youíve availed a free bet, the next one will become available only after a certain gap, usually after the expiry of the used free bet. Bookies place these restrictions to encourage punters to regularly return to their platform.

Initial deposit bonus

Although not so commonly observed in the recent times, there are some bookies that continue to offer this free bet type to starting-out punters. The idea is to help them get familiarized with betting on this sport. Essentially what this offer involves is that youíre provided a bonus on your initial deposit amount after you sign up with the concerned bookmaker. Itís usually promoted in the form of a percentage bonus on the initial deposit, capped at a certain sum. For instance, the bookmaker might offer you 50% initial deposit bonus, capping it at £ 200. Furthermore, there is a commonly noted condition applied to this bonus, which is the need of placing a minimum number of bets using the deposit amount before being allowed to withdraw the bonus funds.

Winning first bet bonus

As evident from its name, the punter is offered a bonus if his/her first bet with the bookmaker proves to be a winner. The bookies normally reward the punter with an even bigger bonus if the place bet had longer odds.