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Interviews with the Masters - Picking the brains of the Internet masters will help make all of us better web developers. We start with Mark Connell, president of Shadowboxer, and creator of the enormously popular WebbieWorld. Then meet Ron Wilson, developer of Outspan, an historical perspective of the African colonial period. Elise Marks, the Saucy Tomato herself, offers superb tips about web site design.

Information architect supreme, Mic Miller describes how he constructed The Beeline. Image integrator Heather Champ provides some insight into her use of photography on Web award guru Wally Gross, creator of the long-standing and respected Surfers Choice Internet Awards doesn't hold anything back. Joe Jenett tells us how his webthings are redefining the notion of creativity portal. Bobbie Osborne is an inspiration with her Crumpled Papers. Keep coming back, because we will introduce you to more of the best on the web.

Ready? Opinions - We have them too, right or wrong, but mostly polemical. Now and then something in society or on the news will strike us as being noteworthy or humorous. We'll tell you what to think about it, no not really, just what we think about it. Be sure to share your comments with us too, but proofread carefully to see if you any words out.

Seratonin Boost Observations - From the ridiculous to the sublime, from cool to a waste of bandwidth, here you'll find gadgets, gizmos, and who knows what; all put together by our crack research department, well by us. We might post links to other Web sites or books to recommend. We might point you to the hottest new Usenet newsgroup or where to look for meteors in the sky. Don't be shy, observe and learn. We'd explain it to you, but your brain would explode.

She's Got the Whole World . . . Future Shock - The Internet is constantly evolving. You wouldn't want to be limited to just Internet Brothers would you? We'll keep an eye on what the future holds. The World Wide Web will continue to dramatically transform the societal landscape; a transformation that, up to now, is but a mere snowflake on the tip of the iceberg.

. . . as a Christmas Turkey
Just Stuff - This is what's left, stuff we couldn't find another place for. We will put letters from our visitors here, maybe even a joke or two. How about the best recipe we've found in years, most anything is fair game. Our latest addition? Bold predictions for the Year 2000 and beyond. Press CTRL+ALT+DEL to continue.

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