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checker board Dynamic HTML Page Transition Effects - Some of the most fun built-in effects in IE4.x+ are page transitions. From checker boards to dissolve, or wipes and fades, transitions remind you of TV. See for yourself, and find out how you can use them on your pages.

Dynamic HTML Alpha Filter - IE4.x+ provides a variety of visual filters that can be used to apply different effects to elements on your Web pages. One of these is the Alpha filter, which can change the transparency level of an element, making it appear faded.

Reuse that code! Dynamic HTML Behaviors - Although DHTML is generally thought to be a great technology that makes pages interactive and fun, there is a reason that we don't see even more DHTML in use. It basically comes down to having the content of a document and the script of the dynamic functionality mixed together in a single file. By using CSS and DHTML behaviors, the design and engineering aspects of the document can be separated from the content. We'll begin to look at this emerging technology introduced with the recent release of Internet Explorer 5 by demonstrating the flyin behavior.

Who's zoomin' who? New Features IE 5.5 - Internet Explorer 5.5 beta introduces many new features to Dynamic HTML. In this tutorial we'll demonstrate colored scrollbars, element zooming, and first letter drop-cap attributes. Note: these features will only work with the 5.5 version of Microsoft's Internet Explorer browser.


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The hierarchical menus were created using Peter Belesis' Dynomat DHTML scripting tool from Webreference. Give them a visit, you'll like what you learn.



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