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You've developed your marvelous home page on your own computer, and now you would like to make it available to the world. What to do? You need to find a Web Hosting Service. There are thousands, even millions available. They range from totally free, to $20 per month, to full-blown enterprise scale systems costing an arm and a leg. Are you better off just sticking with who you know and using your Internet Service Provider, or should you even buy your own hardware and telecommunications gear? The answers are not simple, they are determined by your goals and ambitions.

What's Next?

text If you're just building a personal site to tell us about your dog or your husband, maybe they're the same, you might want to start with one of the free services. Some of the more popular are Wordpress, Facebook, and MySpace. Compare their features and services and decide for yourself which is right for you. Most "free" hosts really aren't totally free, there is usually a catch such as requiring you to put advertisements on your page. You are merely a guest, but you can't beat the price.

Perhaps you want to get downright serious with your own domain name; something that says www.yourname.com. There are a multitude of issues to consider before becoming master of your own domain.

After you find a host, you then need to "upload" your pages and image files to their server to make them available for display on the Web. To do that you use a File Transfer Protocol program. Probably your ISP supplied you with one when you signed up for internet access, but if not, check the search engines, there are many good free FTP programs available for download.

Back at the beginning we mentioned the HTML Assistants and WYSIWYG layout and design editors that are available to make web site development easier. As stated before, we encourage you to learn HTML prior to using an assistant so you understand what the tool is doing for you, and to you. But when you are ready, HTML editors can be time saving, productivity enhancing additions to your own skills. Like most internet software, there are many to choose from.

HTML is your ticket to hours of pleasure and enjoyment on the World Wide Web. We encourage you to use, develop, and expand the knowledge you have obtained by spending your valuable time with us. With the tips we have provided, you are sure to have success with your initial home page offerings. When the time is right for you, only you will know, we invite you to take advantage of the other Helpware features found on Internet Brothers, including our HTML Advanced Topics like tables, frames, forms, and Cascading Style Sheets. We'll be here waiting, hopefully improving, anxious for your return.

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