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Dave Clark

     My friends list wouldn't be right if I didn't start it with the other Internet Brother and my real-life sibling. Inspirational in his artistic spirit and independence, he has been there with me on top the tallest mountains and in the quagiest mires. The Net helps bridge long distances. I love you Boogie!

Tom Speer

     One of the first to offer encouragement when I started my initial webspace in 1997, Tom also proved the value of online friendship when he cohosted the original IB domain. A master at juggling workload, I thank him for his long and dedicated service to Americans in the U.S. Navy, and for his tireless inspiration to wannabee web developers.

Elise Tomek

     Who couldn't love this wacky beauty who stuck with me even when I childishly didn't understand that creativity takes time. A kindred spirit, we've spent many a late night picking each other up when life conspires against us. Everyone misses the zesty one, but I've learned that passing tacks can be painless. Elise, you aren't getting older, you're getting better.

Joe Jenett

     It's fair to say this webthing was the inspiration for the conversion of Internet Brothers to a completely independent, non-commercial offering. A serious thinker and keeper of traditional net vision, Joe mixes contemporary skill with a passion for the creative. A true friend to little fish in the big sea, may his dream flourish.






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