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Bad Hair Day Would you trust these two goofballs to answer your questions to the most troubling issues of the day? We know, it's hard to believe how many actually have. Listed below you will find some of the most commonly asked questions from our readers; about the Internet Brothers web site and about just who do we think we are making all this hullaballoo on the net. We're different from most FAQs because we even have answers. Got your pens and paper ready?

Q: I've seen a trick on the web where you can make your background images fixed and stationary when scrolling the page. How can I do that?

A: It's all a matter of body language. We've done it on this page to demonstrate the simple attribute found in the <BODY> tag. Here's how:

<body background="yourbgimage.gif" bgproperties="fixed">

We should warn you that browsers aren't real good at rendering this property yet. Some images tend to splay and skew much like North Carolina Bro's gray matter after a particularly long night of answering questions like this.

Q: Those drop-down navigation menus are really cool. I want it!

A: If we had a nickle for everytime we get this, we'd have holes in our pockets. Well websterbaters of the world, if you read the sidebar on every page you would know. But since bifocals may be required, here is where you can get your very own, better than sliced cats, hierarchical menu system:

Our sincerest thanks to Peter Belesis of for use of his freeware dyn-O-mite dynomat.

Q: I want to get into digital photography. Can you help me get started?

A: We've been getting this question so much lately, we've decided to write an entire article about it. Colorado Bro guides you through the choices you need to consider in I Can't Decide. If you buy us a new camera when you get your own, we'll even show you how to use it.

Q: Which one is Colorado? I think he's cute!

A: Think so? Maybe in a baggy, old, scraggly, scruffy, dumpy sort of way. But hey, wait a minute. If you don't know which is which, how do you think he's cute? Does that mean you think I'm cute too? Where were you from again?

If you have questions for the FAQ Answer Bros, look all over this page for our fancy email icon, or even better, check out our comments page.

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The Internet Brothers have implemented hierarchical menus for navigation. Easier done than said.

The hierarchical menus were created using Peter Belesis' Dynomat DHTML scripting tool from Webreference. Give them a visit, you'll like what you learn.

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