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     In October 2000 I invited a number of people in the independent web production community to participate in a project aimed at encouraging and motivating newcomers to this online passion. I asked each this not so simple question, "What is the primary motivation for the production of your web content? Put another way, why do you do what you do?" As you will discover from the responses, there is a common thread. You will hear terms like sharing and creative expression, most of all, you will hear the word give. — Jeff Clark
"... to leave smiling and perchance understanding the gift of their own sweet aspirations." — Jann     

Jann J.

     It is the natural progression in this place in time to communicate the aspects of my creative mind while acknowledging the bent towards the scientific. Digitally expressing myself allows me to address my left and right brain without too many neurotic synaptic misfirings. It is the clean, uncomplicated method for me to break out my brushes and canvas, dust off my pastels, and wash my spirit in watercolor. It is the precise and spell-checked opportunity to investigate my need to write. It allows me to communicate the whispers of my spirit, the loud voice of conscience, the ringing bell of creativity ... without revealing the intimate, personal aspects of the woman I am.

     Within my internet presence, I am able to reflect the creative energy that lives within me. This is the same energy that reaches out and wants to gently pull people in and let them experience all that is good and decent ... and yes, sweet.

     It is my goal and intention to evoke a memory, a moment, perhaps a small space in time ... that the visitor may recall or simply visit in their mind ... to leave smiling and perchance understanding the gift of their own sweet aspirations.

Candi Wilt

     Jeff, I have several motivators, depending on which day I'm asked that question. My main motivation in creating the Realm was to create an online community (for redheads) that didn't consist only of porn. I grew tired of redheads being associated with XXX. I want to stamp out that image, and if I'm unable to do that, realistically — at least to expand it to prove that I can have an extremely successful website that draws just as much if not more than the popular redheaded porno websites out there, without any of us shedding so much as a sock.

     I also wanted a fun-for-all-ages, interactive website that would bring all of these people together... for novelty of course, considering that redheads are all the rage these days... but also because I feel that redheads have a special bond with each other due to various factors such as teasing as children, etc. My own fascination with other redheads is what keeps me going, and the possibilities to make lifelong friendships within the site is amazing — I've already made a few that I consider priceless, and that alone was worth all of the blood, sweat and tears that it's taken to keep this going for 2 1/2 years.

     My main motivation now that I am trying to move on with my life is to help OTHERS make friends, share stories, give them opportunities to express themselves creatively in a number of ways. Coming up with an eye-pleasing design that is easy to navigate that also works well in all browsers is a challenge, and one that I take very seriously. With over 1,300 people to complain if it's NOT — it keeps me on my toes, and is definitely a learning experience every day.

     A pipe dream of mine is for the site to become SO huge and successful that my site is considered the best resource for redheads on the internet — in all areas.

     I would also, in the not-so-distant future, be able to supplement my income from the sale of tee-shirts directed specifically at redheads. Money is not my prime motivation and never has been, or I would have packed it up two years ago. I implemented my money making scheme about a year into it, when I started realizing just HOW expensive it is to keep on top of your website... a monthly charge of $15.95 might not seem like much, but when you start getting into two and three domains, and have to upgrade your hosting package because you're exceeding their bandwidth limitations, it starts taking a chunk out of your pocketbook.

     I didn't want to begin charging a membership fee, so I had to come up with a product to sell.

     I make enough selling tee shirts to pay for my hosting packages and a lot of the software that I use, but it's never been enough to quit my day job. Maybe someday it will, and that would make me happy, I can't deny that — but the recognition that I receive on a daily basis is enough to keep me going. When a redhead signs up and raves and raves about the site in the comment field, tells me how much they love it and how they've been looking for a site like this FOREVER, and to keep up the great work... that makes it all worthwhile.

     There are days when I don't "like" what I'm doing. It's an extraordinary time commitment... I spend about 75% of my free time updating this website and adding new members and still yet trying to come up with new and entertaining content on a regular basis. It's rough, and some days I wonder why I still do it.

     But I do believe in the cause, and every once in a while, someone says something so fantastic that it makes my entire week. I give them what I have, and they return it tenfold with praise. That's worth it, for me. I keep it going for them.

     If you'd like to chime in on this topic yourself, stop by the IB Community and start a new thread. Just hit the Talk Back button. You know you can.

Joshua Davis

     hmm. well it goes deeper than that.

     the praystation side
     the forest side
     the dreamless side
     the kioken side

     all of them being total different mentalities and sensibilities.

     1 technical - 1 artistic - 1 thinker - 1 corporate robot. and only 3 out of the 4 personalities can really talk about what it is they do. the forest will never talk. it's a rule.

     so it would help me out if you let me know who you want to engage. did you expect this to be so difficult - I didn't - and I may just quit and bag groceries somewhere - to avoid the confusion of my own self.

Jeff Clark

     Some very kind people saved my life awhile back. They didn't have to do it. They did it because they saw something worth saving. They told me they would love me until I could love myself. When asked why, they told me simply, "You have to give it back to keep it."

     That isn't so mystical really, but I was wrapped up in self. I couldn't see the forest for the trees. Those wonderful people opened my eyes and continue to do so each day. The Internet is full of individuals like those who saved me. It is the greatest invention the world has known for getting out of ourselves and shaking hands with the rest of the planet.

     I'm not an artist — I'm not a writer. I even tire of programming. The greatest satisfaction I receive is sharing what I do know with someone eager to explore. It's my way to thank those who came before, who helped me. I give it back to keep it.

Míc Miller

     To go where no Webhead has gone bee-fore.

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