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Fun With 3D Graphic Effects

Plain IB Logo This is the plain Jane Internet Brothers logo we started all of the fun with. Watch what it can become as we apply some of the cool tools found in the graphics editors.


2 Color IB Logo Using the flood fill tool in Jasc's Paint Shop Pro, we've changed the color of the logo in strategic places and added a simple drop shadow. You will notice the image is now slightly larger due to the offset introduced with the 3D shadow.


Bevel IB Logo Switching to Adobe's ImageStyler, here we have added a beveled look to the logo, then applied a multi-color gradient to produce the rainbow effect. A nice feature of ImageStyler is its built-in textures and styles.



Bladepro IB Logo There are many shareware plug-ins available that add striking effect and filters to your art work. One of our favorites is Blade Pro from Flaming Pear Software. Suitable for both Adobe Photoshop and Paint Shop Pro, the Blade Pro filters produced the metallic gold change you see here. We call it fun with bevels.


Blueomni IB Logo Enjoyment is what graphics editing is all about. Toying with a Blade Pro black glass bevel and the Photoshop blue omni lighting effect, we produced this image. Your graphics creativity is limited only by your imagination, and maybe your software budget.


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