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 Bronze Plaque Winners for March 1999 

Norway during WW2 - Unique pictures and articles about the invasion and occupation of Norway by the German armed forces during World War II. Posted March 31,1999.

Art Gallery By Image Lair - exceptional original computer art. "Image Lair's World Marketplace of Links" has everything from sites for the young, educational, animals, music, videos, and ten international search engines. Posted March 30,1999.

SftnWrm's Niche on the Net - a tribute to animals and animal welfare with lessons in buying, training and living with a dog as well as poetry for animals and info about the Chinese Shar Pei. Other areas of interest include free graphics, a music wav recording tutorial, and inspirational pages. Posted March 30,1999.

Wicked Ascii Art - The largest collection of ascii art on the net. If anyone actually looks at all of them, please let us know, we'd like to check your sanity, but if you need a particular subject, it's bound to be here. Posted March 28,1999.

CanvasRayTube - Free original computer desktop wallpaper from a brand new webmaster. Stop by and give him some encouragement. Posted March 25,1999.

UBIQUITY20 - Everything from employment to classifieds to products, services and searches. Original usage of Java applet navigation. Posted March 24,1999.

Creative Concepts - Web Design, Hosting, Promotion, Free Backgrounds, Site Viper Award, Digital Art, and more. An up and comer. Posted March 21,1999. - Travel in Greece - Planning a trip to Greece sometime soon? Do your homework before you go by visiting this site to get maps and info about hotels and more. Posted March 21,1999.

Valhalla - multi-faceted, with categories for personal pages, pc consulting and web design, whitewater canoeing and wilderness camping. Posted March 16,1999.

Koda's Home - a site offering nothing but free graphics for the taking. Also includes free FrontPage Themes. Content is updated often, and all graphics are catches. Posted March 13,1999.

Bowers-Bahney Communications - Commercial site for professional business writing and speech consultation services. Also host of The Communicators' Forum featuring helpful tips and answers for participants' questions. Posted March 13,1999.

Debbie's Home - web page help, games to play, the meaning of love, and awards for your site. Plus an American's view of Sweden. Posted March 6, 1999.

Nemesis World - poetry, prose, family, pets, friends, photography, email greetings, HTML help and software review via email or forum, free graphics. Plan to spend some time here. Posted March 4, 1999.

The City Review - Ezine devoted to the arts and urban affairs with focus on architecture, museums, books, photography, computer art, auctions and poetry. Posted March 1, 1999.

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