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Who's zoomin' who? January 29, 2000 - Internet Explorer 5.5 beta introduces many new features to Dynamic HTML. In this tutorial we'll demonstrate colored scrollbars, element zooming, and first letter drop-cap attributes. Note: these features will only work with the 5.5 version of Microsoft's Internet Explorer browser.

Get it on paper first January 21, 2000 - Our unexpected move to a new web host recently made us realize we were ill-prepared for flexibility. It all boiled down to planning, and being primed to be liquid. So we're introducing a new section to our Tips and Tools, starting with the fundamentals. Planning your web site involves a four phase approach — setting your strategy, developing your design, technical production, and implementation and maintenance. To be effective, work them in order. Otherwise you will end up with a disjointed hodgepodge of broken dreams and unfulfilled aspirations.

Monitor the Availablility of Your Site January 11, 2000 - We mentioned on December 31st that we were going to institute measures to prevent further outages of our web site as experienced at the end of last year. Today we signed papers to relocate Internet Brothers to a different host. Over the next several days we will be making the move, and will endeavor to make the transition as transparent as possible. During this process we may need your help. If you discover any broken links, missing graphics, scripting errors, or any other object that doesn't perform to your satisfaction, please contact us so we may correct the problems quickly. Thank you for your patience during this exercise and thanks for your continued support.

January 8, 2000 - Hewlett-Packard's Microdisplay Products Operation is working with HP Labs to put eyeglass displays into consumer's hands. With more and more bits being created, stored, and transferred, industry will be thinking about how these bits will be used. Many of them will be viewed, and HP's eyeglass technology may well be the device that transports the future of displays into the present.

View Our 1999 Site of the Year January 2, 2000 - The judges have made their decision. The people who voted have spoken. It's time to announce the Internet Brothers Presents 1999 Site of the Year. Drum roll please. Created by Alma Geddon, It's The End Of The World As We Know It...Again is an historical overview/personal commentary on apocalyptic prophecy, Millennial Madness and the phenomenon of Doomsday obsession. Timely is one word that comes to mind. We won't tell you a lot about the site because we want you to visit it for yourself, but Alma's writing is superb. While you're there, please offer Alma your heartiest congratulations. Click the circle at right to see our tribute to her informative and entertaining passion.

Lucid Confusion January 1, 2000 - Happy New Year everyone. We hope you rolled over in good shape. To celebrate this time of new beginnings and fresh resolve, we've started a new feature on the site today. Titled Lucid Confusion, we'll offer semi-regular random thoughts about life and living, the ridiculous and sublime, virtual vs. real; all hopefully with confused lucidity. We see this as a chance to share a bit more about us. Maybe we'll even encourage you to do the same.

December 31, 1999 - We owe a big apology to all who tried to visit us the past couple of days. Since you're reading this, thanks for coming back, and for your persistence to try again. Our web host suffered a name server outage that made Internet Brothers unavailable for half of December 29th and all of the 30th. With our reseller partner, Fortress Web Design, we are taking immediate steps to insure this won't happen again. Thank you for your patronage. We wish you a bug free Y2K.

Jezebel... A Site For Sore Eyes December 23, 1999 - Did you ever wonder who the early web developers were learning from? Heather Champ is a pioneer web designer, an inspired young woman who has been at it as long as the web has been around. Creator of the wildly innovative Jezebel... A Site For Sore Eyes, and extraordinarily gifted at integrating photography with web presentation, Heather is the latest subject of our Interviews with the Masters series.

Lake Tahoe - Satellite imagery courtesy SALICIN December 18, 1999 - Arguably one of the most beautiful places on Earth, God definitely cast his favor on Lake Tahoe. Located high in the Sierra Nevada Mountains, the border of California and Nevada splits its middle. A near-perfect melding of water, forest, mountains, and sky — Lake Tahoe is one place we won't soon forget. If you've never been there, perhaps these photos will help entice you to go.

CoolSTOP Best of the Cool December 12, 1999 - Gee, go away on a trip for a couple of weeks and great things happen. West Virginia Bro high-tailed it to the tall mountains to visit Colorado Bro in Vail, then on to Reno, Nevada for some professional development. While AWOL, we received a couple of fantastic awards. Joe Jenett recognized IB with his CoolSTOP Best of the Cool and Andover Net's Tina Gasperson selected us a daily Tech Sighting. It wasn't all work and no play on this trip; look for some fun photos from Lake Tahoe upcoming.

Jasc Paint Shop Pro November 30, 1999 - Our i/us affiliate is offering us a great price on Jasc's Paint Shop Pro 6 graphics editor just in time for the holiday giving season. PSP's strong suits include its ease of use, layering and effects, and frankly the dirt cheap price. We do most of our GIF work with this one. You may purchase Paint Shop Pro 6 online here for a discounted price just for visiting the Internet Brothers. We've arranged a 40% reduction from the manufacturer's suggested retail. Get it now for just US$59.00, a great deal.

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