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March 28, 1999 - You won't be misbehavin' if you tune in to our new tutorial about IE5 Dynamic HTML behaviors. Learn how to make objects fly around your web page, we even have a free download courtesy of Microsoft.

Anonymomma's WorldMarch 19, 1999 - We selected our third recipient of the Internet Brothers Award of Distinction this week. Please visit the bag lady at Anonymomma's World and offer your congratulations.

March 6, 1999 - A popular feature of our 1998 web site was the Technology Diary. A summary of Internet and high-tech news, it kept us and you informed. This week we reintroduce you to what to expect with "Future Shock", a regular column of gizmology that will keep you websterbating. You'll find it in the Musings section. Flash! Internet Brothers selected World Best Website and Beeline Golden Hive of Fame. We can't thank them enough.

Add search to YOUR web site! February 28, 1999 - Responding to your requests, we've added search to our site. Through the good services of Freefind you can now do keyword search throughout Internet Brothers. Just look for the new option in the navigation menu. For external search, you may continue to use the box at left. We also created new award graphics for the Internet Brothers Helpware Excellence Plaque. Check them out in our awards section.

February 21, 1999 - Updating content is what keeps you, our visitor coming back. This week we've added a new tutorial to the Dynamic HTML section. It teaches you how to use the Internet Explorer 4 Alpha filter. In our Musings section we've added an OpEd opinion piece about the Clinton administration's foreign policy. Be sure to check your bias at the door.

February 7, 1999 - You will begin seeing the search box at left on the Internet Brothers pages in the coming days now that we've become an affiliate partner. Search from our site is something we've been wanting to implement anyway, so this was an excellent opportunity.

We Love These Folks February 3, 1999 - Everyone likes to have people come visit their web creation. We're no exception. The web sites on this list are sending more visitors to the Internet Brothers than anyone else. Would you like to see your site in the Top 10? Take a look here and we'll show you how, but remember if you want to pull a rabbit out of a hat, make sure you put one in there first.

Prism Band January 31, 1999 - Internet Brothers selected Top Site of the Month by the Prism Band awards program. This and other recent blessings enticed us to a major revision of our honors section. We've also been listed as an Infoseek Select Site for our tips about creating web pages. All in all, a very successful first month for the new Internet Brothers.

January 17, 1999 - Expanded the forms tutorial in the HTML Advanced Topics section to include samples and code for checkboxes, radio buttons, option lists, and other miscellaneous tips.

January 13, 1999 - Enhanced the DHTML tips section with probably the most popular of the dynamic effects, the image change on mouseover. We'll show you how to use this simple trick by example and in code for your own page.

January 1, 1999 - Launch date. Batten down the hatches.


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