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iAgora - The International Experience June 29, 1999 - iAgora selected the fourth recipient of the Internet Brothers Award of Distinction. iAgora is the only website created specifically for and by international people. Whether you go abroad to study, work, or travel, the iAgora community is always there.

Vote For Your Favorite! June 26, 1999 - We finally received the alloted number of entries for our button design contest. Now it's your turn to help us choose the winner. Study the entries well, then make your choice. It's going to end up on pages all over the web, and you can say you saw it beforehand.

Apple QuickTime Virtual Reality June 20, 1999 - Colorado Bro has been up to his old tricks; pushing the envelope of digital photography. Lately he's been toying with Apple's QuickTime Virtual Reality, a product suite that allows you to create full-range animations with your images. True to his form, he's decided to share what he has learned with you. Now we can all find out how to create 360 degree panoramas to wow our friends and family.

June 18, 1999 - Our third in the series of Interviews with the Masters introduces you to Elise Marks, creator of r.e.m design, and one zesty weasel. This trip, we turn the focus to web page design with Elise, as we continue asking the experts to help make us all better. Her advice is solid, her committment pure, and her personality one we've come to love. We think you will agree.

Judy Vorfeld, a.k.a. Webgrammar June 16, 1999 - The delightful Webgrammar is back with a new series titled DTP Potpourri that is guaranteed to improve your Desktop Publishing skills. Ever wonder what kerning and leading are? Learn some of the basic ANSI character sets and get some advice about printing and art work. What are you waiting for?

June 13, 1999 - One of our most popular pages is the winner's list for the Internet Brothers Helpware Plaque, but it was also one of the most inefficient. Listening to your suggestions, we've switched from graphical links to text links to improve the load time. While it may not be quite as "pretty", you will be able to find your favorite sites a lot quicker now.

Surfers Choice Top 100 Site for 1999 June 6, 1999 - Internet Brothers selected Surfers Choice Top 100 Site for 1999. Yeeehaaa! This is truly an honor from one of the most respected award sites on the web. We couldn't have done it without you. We'll try to contain our excitement. Yipppeee!

June 3, 1999 - Second in our series of Interviews with the Masters, meet the creator and developer of Outspan, Ronald J. Wilson. An historical perspective of African colonial times, Outspan introduces us to adventurer and author Stanley Portal Hyatt. Ron offers several helpful tips about the importance of the written word on our web pages, and a bit of history of his own.

Cranberry Glades Wildflowers May 28-29, 1999 - You may recall we were on vacation last week. Well, we weren't entirely lazy while we were gone, just mostly. We hope you enjoy these new additions to our digital photography galleries. Monongahela National Forest in mid-eastern West Virginia is a very pleasant place this time of year as you'll see from this photographic holiday. We even have one with us in it. The Blue Ridge Parkway travels from northern Virginia to the North Carolina-Tennessee border. We had a great time in both places. Now you get the chance to share it with us.

May 26, 1999 - New to our Desktop Publishing section, you will find an article by one of the industry leaders; John Gold of Custom Communications. Titled Working with a Desktop Publisher, this article is sure to prepare you when you need that special job done by professionals. We're very pleased that John and his wife Susan offered to help us help you.

The Statue of Liberty May 2, 1999 - Do you value your online freedoms? Are you concerned about governmental or social censorship of what you put on your web site? We certainly are. Look for our latest installment of opinion pieces in the Musings section of the site.

April 30, 1999 - Ready for some fun with DHTML? This demonstration may not be especially useful, but if you were a flower child of the 60s, you're certain to enjoy it. Located in the Cross Browser DHTML section, we've titled it Mouse Trails. Put on some Moody Blues.

Mark Connell - President of Shadowboxer April 29, 1999 - Interviews with The Masters introduces you to Mark Connell, president and chief technologist of Shadowboxer and creator of the hot new Internet property WebbieWorld. We asked him about what's cool on the web these days, how you can better prepare your web site for review by the experts, and what we can expect from WebbieWorld. Mark truly is on the leading edge of web development; we think you'll find his insights refreshing.

April 13, 1999 - As you may have noticed by now, Internet Brothers has its own domain. We've taken this next step in our development to be better able to meet the needs and requirements of our guests. Please let us know how we're doing.

April Adventure April 2, 1999 - Colorado Bro has enhanced the graphics tips section with a new article about Type and Colors. Don't mess up your otherwise splendid presentation by making foolish typography and background color choices. We learned a little humility in the site promotion game in March, falling from nearly 200 hits per day in February to just barely 100 last month. The reason, our search engine rankings dropped, proof positive that you shouldn't rely soly on those fickle engines. Time for us to revisit our own web site promotion tips. You should too.


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