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What this is about:

Lots of web sites have Guest Books where you may leave your mark. We've taken it a step further by asking you to send us your favorite photo, image, or caricature. They can be of you, your family, your pets, or even some of the terrific places you've visited in your adventures. Use the email link found at the bottom of this page to drop us a line, and while you're at it attach a part of your world. Don't be shy!

Places and Things 5

Godshill Church by Keith Bradford
Photo by Keith Bradford

Coal Dock by Andrea Cormier
Photo by Andrea Cormier

Stirling Castle in Scotland
Photo by Becky Hammack

Yosemite Falls
Photo by Liz Thorstenson

West Coast
Photo by Andrew Mitchell

Coins by John Parker
Photo by John Parker

Fort Payne HS Marching Band in Trafalgar Square
Photo by Tom Warner

Snow in Whitchurch
Photo by Andy Watts

Sky Over Rutgers University
Photo by Sam Kuo

Photo by Cathie Tranent

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