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20th of October 2000

     The anticipation was nerve-wracking. Let's remove this big ol' eye patch and see what we see. First look? Blurry, everything is blurry. Well, Mr. Clark, put your hand over the other eye and let's read this chart. 20/50 - No problem. 20/30 - OK. 20/25 - Alright. 20/20 - Almost. Jeff! That's quite remarkable for the first day. This one's going to turn out great. Big smiles all around.

     There's just one little problem. I can't see diddly squat. It's because the two eyes are completely out of whack now. Fortunately, that should last only a week until he repeats the surgery on my other eye. With my glasses off, I can see wonderful out of the new lens implant, but the left eye is still untreated, creating tremendous focus and depth perception confusion. With the glasses on (and the lens removed from the right frame) it's like looking from the bottom of a swimming pool. The bifocal/non-bifocal effect is unsettling and dizzying.

     This next week will really be tough. There's no way I can drive. I can't read with glasses either on or off -- definitely trusting the spell-checker on this entry. I'm bumping into things because I can't determine depth of field. But if I close my left eye and use just my new one, I can tell already this whole process is going to produce a modern miracle. I am excited.

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19th of October 2000

     If I don't see y'all for a couple days it's because I'm off for cataract removal and lens implant surgery in my right eye. The left eye is next week. Much, much gratitude to all those who have sent along their best wishes. In the meantime, I hope you enjoy this.

     Update. I'm home from the first surgery and the doc said all went well. I'm typing with one eye here, so if this comes out funny...

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18th of October 2000

     Many thanks to Joe Jenett for helping me out of a CSS compatibility hole. As usual, the problem was my code and not the browsers. It is how we all learn though. What is it they say? If you aren't making any mistakes, you aren't trying anything new.

     You're welcome six. Thanks back atcha for your nice comments about connection. The faceless, often nameless, structure of the Net lends itself to illusion if that is what the individual chooses. My choice has been to present the true vision of myself (for a comfortable change), one that took me four decades to discover. In real-life, face-to-face interaction, I've carried around a lot of overloaded baggage. The Net has been as a porter, helping me to my next connection.

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17th of October 2000

     Some very kind people saved my life awhile back. They didn't have to do it. They did it because they saw something worth saving. They told me they would love me until I could love myself. When asked why, they told me simply, "You have to give it back to keep it."

     That isn't so mystical really, but I was wrapped up in self. I couldn't see the forest for the trees. Those wonderful people opened my eyes and continue to do so each day. The Internet is full of individuals like those who saved me. It is the greatest invention the world has known for getting out of ourselves and shaking hands with the rest of the planet.

     I'm not an artist — I'm not a writer. I even tire of programming. The greatest satisfaction I receive is sharing what I do know with someone eager to explore. It's my way to thank those who came before, who helped me. I give it back to keep it.

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16th of October 2000

     This community of web producers is amazing. I kicked off a little project today, thinking I might get enough response to fill a nice size web page. Whoa! The participation has been tremendous. I'm getting enough free content to keep Internet Brothers talking from now until Christmas. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.


     To the loyal community on Webbieworld, nPorta offers another way to promote your site. At nPorta, you can have a log that lets you share information and spread the word. The kicker is that other people can subscribe to your log to keep up with you. And they can even have it sent to their handheld, email, or pager. What better way to promote your site and keep people informed? More great stuff from the incredible mind of Mark Connell.

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15th of October 2000

     Can't anyone make any good free stuff anymore? It seems the same every weekend. The client-side site statistics service I use always has weekend problems, when there's no staff on-site to monitor the operation. Last weekend it was the collector database server that went down. This time, the report server bit the dust. I've also noticed they tend to make enhancement upgrades on Friday nights, then go home for the weekend thinking all is well. Usually it isn't.

     The tracking service I used before this one started out great a few years ago, but with success comes complexity. As their client base grew, so too the outages and errors. In the end, they were down more than they were up, the stats always ran about six hours behind, and on two occasions they completely trashed my historical records. That was the last straw, and I changed. I suppose you get what you pay for.

     You may ask why I use these free client-side services. Simple. The server-side reporting from my web host sucks even worse, and I pay for it. Reports are minimal and poorly organized, the data is only updated once a day and summarized only once per week. I can't even pay an additional fee to buy better reporting software. All things considered, it's about the only complaint I have with the web host, but if I was running a business from my site, I would certainly expect more.

     So here's my plea. I'm searching for a quality, reliable client-side statistics service. It must provide an up-to-the-minute daily summary, visitor identification including IP/domain resolution when possible, real-time referral logs, and maintain an historical database that reports daily, weekly, and monthly summary stats. Obviously I prefer free, but I'm to the point of willingness to shell out a few bucks per month. If you have good experience with what I'm seeking, please let me know.


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