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16th of September 2000

     The Olympics Opening Ceremonies are always a marvelous event and the Aussies didn't disappoint. Granted we Americans were seeing it 16 hours later than THE WHOLE REST OF THE WORLD, but as usual I had goosebumps several times. Since the Olympics happen so infrequently, I usually am touched. Beautiful music, sensational costuming, marvels of technological achievement all combined with the obvious joy on the faces and in the hearts of the athletes. Only one thing I missed though. Hey Graham, I didn't see any signs anywhere. What gives?

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15th of September 2000

     Well, I managed to make a few people happy today. Hopefully that will somewhat counteract yesterday. Words on a page just aren't the same as face-to-face communication. You can't determine intent. It's difficult to pick out inflections and expressions. Hurrying to make a point can be harmfully counterproductive. Words have meaning. In important situations they should be chosen carefully. I have been dutifully reminded of the cliche, think before you leap.

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14th of September 2000

     Oh joy. I get to interview for my own job on September 26th. I've done nothing but make people mad today, so I'll leave it at that.

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13th of September 2000

     This corporate merger business I've been facing for the past 13 months is taking on a life of its own. Last week the buying company informed us there was yet another delay in Federal Trade Commission approval, the third such delay since May. At least this time they didn't offer a new estimate of completion. I guess they're finally tired of being embarrassed.

     The real kicker, though, appeared in our local morning newspaper. One of the gripping questions those of us employed by the buyee company have wondered throughout the entire process is what facilities would be kept and which would be eliminated. We now apparently have an answer for our local technical center of engineers, research scientists, and IT types. On face value, the news is good. It appears the buyer wants to maintain the geography, but it's how we found out that irks me.

     This is an issue the buyer has said all along they couldn't talk about for business confidentiality reasons, in case the merger fell through. Some local United Way executives took it upon themselves to travel to the headquarters of the buyer to find out if they would continue to receive large donations from the merged company. After all, they like everyone else, have budgeting concerns. The answer? Yes, they could count on continued funding for the West Virginia United Way. The local operations would remain intact. After 13 arduous months, why did we have to read about this in the newspaper, huh?

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12th of September 2000

     Doing my bit for the retro-meme started by Mr. Z and continued by mizKitty, here is my 1997 home page. Just click NO on the silly plug-in download. Hey, it WAS 1997!

      Thanks Susan. I guess I should follow-up on the abandoned puppy story. The owners didn't show up the next day either; don't ask. Also found out she's a little older than we thought, six months instead of three. We took her to our vet to get flea dipped and the other periodic flea sterilizing treatment that our dogs have had. That way we were able to bring her into the house with us last night. You could see the relief on her face. Anyway, the owners are finally back home now and the puppy was ecstatic to see them. That made me feel somewhat better -- apparently she is at least getting some love over there.

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11th of September 2000

Thumbs Up -- The Bear and the Dragon.
Tom Clancy is back.

Thumbs Down -- The Emmy Awards Show.
Absolutely dreadful.

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10th of September 2000

     It isn't my place to judge how others treat their pets, but I've come to believe a certain responsibility is required. In a way it's not unlike having children. Pets aren't playthings to be discarded when the mood suits, or forgotten because it's inconvenient. They are living, breathing beings just like you and I. They have fears and other emotions, need love and deserve compassion.

     The people across the street went out of town for the weekend and left their little three month old puppy closed up in the house. Somehow it managed to escape early in the morning. We've kept it in our yard all day, but can't bring it inside because it is caked in fleas. After all the expense we've been through to keep our own dogs flea-free, it would be a shame to undo that in just a matter of minutes.

     So the poor little thing is terrified. Her owners are gone and she's probably never stayed outside at night before. We've set her up with a cushioned doghouse, blanket, night light, food, water, toys. Everything but the human touch to tell her it will all be fine. It's sad. I'll be going out to check on her every couple hours or so, but it just doesn't seem right. If she can get through this night, her owners should be home.


     Yep Candi, it be me. Been at this since January 1. Thought I'd start out the new millennium right. 'Tis I who didn't know you were out there too. Thanks to Elise for helping me find you.


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