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Saturday, March 3, 2001

     You've found a site that contains information you need, but you'd prefer to search through it offline. Web Copier could be the tool you've been looking for. Simply download the free software, type in a Web address you'd like to explore and watch it go to work. The software will download the entire site you indicated. You now have the whole shebang on your hard drive to peruse at your leisure. Ideal for people who need to do a lot of research, Web developers who like to dissect a site, or just regular folks who don't want to tie up the phone line. But don't use it to violate copyrights. That would suck.

     People have been organizing information by the page since the printing press — and web designers didn't question tradition — until now. Researchers are beginning to tout a new "concept mapping" web design, allowing a pageless method of browsing web sites. It won't replace Web browsers, but any existing browser can be used to view concept map, or Cmap, sites.

     We hardly knew ye, yet we knew it all. Peace.

     Sometimes I am just in awe of the kindness shown to me by people — out of the blue. I can't explain it, not sure I even want to, but in recent months I've had the good fortune to connect with folks. Perhaps it's the other way around. The first two or three years of Internet Brothers existence, it was a guppy in a river of pirannah. The thoughtful and blush-inducing email I've received lately has more than made up for relative obscurity in the past. One more reason to love the communal connectivity offered by this world-wide web.

Friday, March 2, 2001

Warrior Sun from Living Colours      From my perspective, it isn't so much the ability to rise above it, as a matter of accepting the human condition. Acceptance is the answer to all my problems. I need to concentrate not so much on what needs to be changed in the world as on what needs to be changed in me and my attitudes.* As everyone's friend Kaycee from Living Colours has demonstrated, ever forward is the key. It was too easy for me to dwell in the past, to whine "why me" and blame anything else for personal misfortune. My recovery began when I accepted change, and embraced it. From Kaycee just this week:

     "Time has changed me, and I've grown older along with it. I have more understanding [of] what's important in my own life. I see a greater beauty. I'm not clinging to dollar signs or trying to keep up with anyone. I'm trying to find all the hidden treasures that want to be admired and breathed into life by anyone who'll take the time to find them. I'm not naive or perfect. I'm not judgmental toward others. I see the potential of greatness in everyone and everything. I'm changing..."

     I am humbled by your admiration. I am strengthened by Kaycee's wisdom and understanding beyond her years. I am delighted I've met you both through each other. The past is a useful reminder of where we've been, what we've endured, how we wish to evolve. Whether painful or heartening though, it is but dust in the wind. Ever forward. Ever changing. Happiness, joy and freedom await — but only if we seek them — aaahh serenity.

* A.A. text

Thursday, March 1, 2001

     Gee, I know the Department of Justice wanted to split Microsoft in two, but sheesh, they could at least wait until the case is out of appeal. Microsoft Windows Broken indeed.

     Witnessing the future of personal publishing and instant WWW information. Mars Saxman demonstrated remarkable composure telling the world about the Seattle earthquake a mere two minutes after having his world rocked and rolled. My prayers are for the communities in the Pacific Northwest, but my thoughts are of possibilities the Net presents for news dissemination and eyewitness reportage. Hats off to Mars.

     Imagine yourself injured in the wilderness with your Palm Pilot, a GPS, your copy of Blogger or Greymatter, and a satellite transmission device. Or buried in the rubble of an earthquake but still alive and kicking. War correspondent? Blog your accounts of the latest atrocities to MeFi or Plastic and wait for the choppers. Beam live pictures of the birth of your latest to the proud grandparents clear across the continent. I love the Net. It can only get even better.


     A blast from the past. Dave's not here.

     SETI@home suffers fiber cut.

Wednesday, February 28, 2001

     Last day for the first of the "new retirees." Lunch out to celebrate their careers was awkward at best. What do you say to an old friend "retiring" from a job they really don't want to leave? On the last day of each month for the rest of the year, this will be a regular thing. I suppose after a few I will simply become numb to the process.

     Here's a site that will help you find something completely different. does just what it says — it's a search engine specifically designed to help you locate sound files on the Internet. You can specify the file format you're looking for (AIFF, AU, WAVE) and even the quality of the recording. If you're an audiophile looking for audio files, this is the site for you.

     The doctor increased my meds this week by 50%. I could tell the difference immediately — a little spacier than I had been. So far the daytime fatigue isn't much better, but isn't worse either. Lucid Confusion may revert back to less lucid, more confused.

Tuesday, February 27, 2001

     "Uh, unless people decide to mention it on their weblogs. Then you're probably screwed."

     On your marks. Get set. Let the guessing commence!

     Sorry about your patella, but I have to admit, I wish I'd seen that.

     You're quite welcome Joe, and thanks back atcha for the invitation. It was fun, but I have an abiding respect for your ability to find true excellence day after day. No competition from me. Oh, and I received a very gracious note from Melanie.

     Bloggin' back and forth. La-de-la. Must be the meds.

Monday, February 26, 2001

     Ah, another Rundgren fan. I've listened from the pink and green hair days, through Utopia, and on into tr-i and beyond. Productive as Steven King, master of the unusual, always good for engaging melodies and smooth harmonies. The multimedia king of the musical art.

     A wink and a nod to Eric at Unxmaal for sending me to The Jett Grrrl. As he said, "Ok, sure, Beth's little bioblog is on a GeoCities page, and she's got no graphics, and her text is too little, and...well...her colors make me want to claw my eyes out, but her prose is like fine sushi, followed by a beer-bong of Schlitz malt liquor." That's a good thing, right?

     My brother's Pic of the Week is quite astounding, as usual. He's had a tough time getting around for awhile because of calcium deposits on his knee. Usually his photos come from ski trips or hiking excursions, but lately he's been limited to hunting by car. Still, not a difficult search when your subject is Rocky Mountain Scenery.

Sunday, February 25, 2001

     Welcome to the weblog community, Melanie Goux. Where hath thee been?

     Soulflare is an exploration of art, and specifically of art on the Web — a museum dedicated to presenting thought, emotion and observation rendered in pixels and hypertext — a celebration of an emerging medium and how some choose to express themselves. From Glassdog since 1997.

Bluzz of the Week      Sunday means Bluzz of the Week. Through this feature, I'm searching for the brightest, funniest, most controversial or otherwise intriguing comments from the previous week's forums, journals and blogs. I learned a lot about friendship this week. Faced with tough decisions and uncontrollable fate, support freely offered, by those who care, eases the mind and opens the door to serenity. If you find a true treasure you'd like to nominate for future Bluzz of the Week, even if you wrote it yourself, please let me know.

     As we grow and mature, people move on, life's experiences mold our humanity, and early friendships form a nostalgic reminder of where we've been. Though often merely abstract remembrances of the good times and bad, the personal level of affectation is mostly difficult to recreate. Faith Kaminsky paid tribute this week to the friends of her youth. Searching for inspiration, she found it in quiet recollection. I can relate. Here is some of what Faith had to say about her friends:

     "I will never again have a friend who knew me when I was young. I will never again have a friend who I went through it all for the first time with. I will never again have a friend who knows my parents, or where I grew up, or what I was like in high school or college. There will be no more of the people who know all the people I have been throughout my life..."

     "In times like these when I'm so uninspired, so tired, so stuck, I value those few old friendships even more, those friendships that on the average day I take for granted will always be there...Those friendships that don't ask questions, that don't judge, that don't weigh you down until you cannot stand it anymore."

     "Though none of those to whom I indirectly refer will ever read this, I pay homage to them tonite. Just knowing they are there makes all the difference in the world." — Faith Kaminsky







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