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30th of November 2000

     Did you see where they're driving over a million election ballots from south Florida to Tallahassee under armed guard? That's nearly 500 miles and more than eight hours. I was wondering — what if ALL the chads fall out from hour after hour of highway rumble? They get to the state capitol and every hole on the ballots are punched. That would make them all for Gore, right?

     Here's what I think about when I have time on my hands. Bill Gates offers Al Gore a billion dollars to concede the election. George W. Bush's first act as president is to order the new Justice Dept. to drop the anti-trust suit against Microsoft. Gates' stock immediately jumps $20/share recouping his payment to Gore more than five-fold. The rest of the NASDAQ technology market recovers as well. Al Gore buys Sudan with his billion so he can be president somewhere. Everyone wins. Talk among yourselves. I'll be here.

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29th of November 2000

     She says ketchup. He says catsup. I say Tabasco. Yum!

     I'm now the proud owner of and to accompany the long standing dotcom. Don't have any plans for them as yet, but at least they're mine, all mine.

     That self-promotional advert on MSNBC cable with Chris Matthews screaming, "Is this any way to elect a president?" certainly was premonitious. Sheesh, the Inaugural Ball will have summer fashions.

     If you know how to run a printing press and love to ski champagne powder, talk to this man. He'll put you to work.

     To her credit, CodeBitch sent a nice response to yesterday's email offering understanding of the code choices I've made. Unfortunately, she hasn't updated her article to reflect it. Oh well, whatcha gonna do? She does seem like a nice person though — contrary to her handle.

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28th of November 2000

     Interesting discovery...a mixed bag. Apparently they're called Code Critics. This one in particular took it upon herself to review the HTML coding practices of sites appearing in the Google directory of beginning HTML tutorials. At face value, probably a useful exercise to judge the quality of the teachers. I was delighted to learn Internet Brothers appears in the top 20 most linked tutorials in the Google directory. Apparently we're doing something right.

     I'm also grateful to CodeBitch for including us in her code criticism. Publicity is encouraging no matter its form. I do, however, take small exception with her conclusions about this site, and politely told her so via email. The conclusions are somewhat misleading — a fact she might have discovered by looking more closely at the page, instead of relying entirely on the W3C Validator and the source code. Yes, context does matter.

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27th of November 2000

     I'm satisfied. Are you?


     Get well soon Faith. We need your voice.

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26th of November 2000

Pointless Prognostications      The IB fearless forecaster puts on his turban and a fine shine on his crystal ball. It's that highly anticipated time of year again. Internet Brothers Predictions 2001 boldly goes where others fear to tread; and steps right in it. From the future of the Internet and personal computing, to the emergence of J. Dennis Hastert and John Hoynes, look out for Y2K+1. This tongue-in-cheek glance at the year ahead has become a pointless tradition, but what the heck.

     Sunday also means Bluzz of the Week. In this week for giving thanks, personal weblogs and journals were filled with gratitude, emotions and spirituality. It was nice to see a community free of sniping, grousing and whining. The holiday season can bring out the best in people, and the worst. Think about the legacy you wish to leave. If you find a true treasure you'd like to nominate for future Bluzz of the Week, even if you wrote it yourself, please let me know.

     Suzanne Carter-Jackson is a web professional from Vancouver. In her weblog, titled This Is My Brain on Blog..., Suzanne "talks to herself while the world pretends not to listen." This week, she weighed in with Lines in the sand:

Bluzz of the Week      "...I've been popular, I've been a leader, I've been unpopular, I've been a follower, I've been an innovator, I've been a failure. I've been outside, I've been inside, I've been totally looking the wrong way altogether. But you know what? I'm me. I was me, I am me, I will be me. Inside or outside, I'm just me. And I suspect that you are just you. And that is a good thing." — Suzanne Carter-Jackson


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