What is Helpware? It means that each week you should help someone learn some of what you know.

Helpware Tutorials

If you have questions and got the technology paradigm shaft, stick around. Before you leave you're bound to have more questions. Known as Helpware for the Cybercommunity, here we offer tips about web site building. Sections include Planning, HTML and CSS, Dynamic HTML, Web Graphics, Layout and Design, as well as SEO and Promotion. We have something for all experience levels, from beginner to serious developers. Read more...

Learning Digital Photography

Film-less photographs, pictures on a chip, scanned memories, call it what you will, digital photography is a new phenomenon of technology that allows for instant gratification. The cameras are becoming cheaper and the results clearer. We've been dabbling in digital imagery for more than a decade now, so we'll share some of what we've learned about buying a camera, touching up your photos, and how to store them as long-time keepsakes. Read more...

Desktop Publishing

Since the birth of the personal computer, a wealth of desktop publishing software has enabled the aspiring artist to create brochures, posters, presentations, business cards and a variety of other materials needed to operate a business or advertise a garage sale. Here, we offer some pointers about text and layout, and printing preparation, so your desktop publishing projects will have the best look possible without spending years in design school. Read more...

Early Web History

Nearly a decade ago, Internet Brothers interviewed a number of early pioneers in the independent web production community. Our aim was to encourage and motivate newcomers to this online passion. Take a stroll down memory lane as you learn what the web was like in those rough and tumble early days before the dotcom bust. You will hear terms like sharing, and creative expression. Most of all, you will hear the word give. Read more...

About the Internet Brothers

Both brothers absolutely love the mountains. North Carolina Bro calls the Blue Ridge Mountains of western NC home. A retired information technologist, NCBro has done most of the grunt work putting this site together. He plays golf, travels and explores, loves the Internet and its potential; and likes to listen to smooth jazz and R&B. He's a PC.

Colorado Bro is the creative half of this endeavor. Responsible for a large portion of the content, COBro has enjoyed a long career in printing and desktop publishing. High atop the continental divide in central Colorado, he loves to ski, bicycle, backpack and adventure. Photography is his passion, as demonstrated on his personal website, Rocky Mountain Scenery. He's a Mac.

Aortal: The Anti-Portal

According to Internet research firms, just a handful of net portals account for nearly half of all online minutes. Simply put, this is very sad. Perhaps, though, you crave something different.

At least once a week, use your site to promote another in the independent web. Write a review if you like. Tell others who may find you about the great diversity in art, personal publishing, scientific research, and the spirit of sharing offered by the original web. Then, link back to Aortal and we'll put you on the supporters list to help spread the word about this movement. It's that simple, and rewarding.


The Fluid 960 Grid System templates, by Stephen Bau, have expanded upon the work of Nathan Smith and his 960 Grid System using effects from the MooTools and jQuery JavaScript libraries. The idea for building these templates was inspired by Andy Clarke, author of Transcending CSS. Thanks also to Harry Roberts of CSS Wizardry and his Typogridphy for our internal page template.

Digital Photography Tips and Tutorials

Getting Started with Digital

Forget What You Know About Film

You've heard of it, some of your friends do it, and you want to try it. Digital cameras and photography; what's it all about? It requires an investment; a new camera and memory for the camera; a computer, if you don't already have one, or a better computer if you have an old one; and software for editing your images, although most digital cameras now come with minimal software.

Getting into digital photography also requires a willingness to learn new stuff. How does the camera work? How do the photos compare to what I got with my old film camera? How do I print or email the photos to show friends? How do I store my photos to show the kids when they're grown up? Let's start with the basics. Read more...

What to Buy, and How They Work

Digital Camera Techniques

Digital photography employs a camera just like film photography, but instead of capturing the images to film, digital media stores the photos for retrieval with a computer or for display on a television set. Some digital cameras can be connected directly to a printer device negating the need to view photos on screen. Some printers and computers accept memory cards from your camera so the pics can be printed or viewed without attaching the camera.

Here, we provide a few pointers on what to expect from digital cameras, photos, and why you should be interested. These are for the novice or somewhat serious amateur photographer, not the professionals out there who might use expensive digital camera equipment and lighting. Shopping for digicams can be a daunting task. Read more...

Digital SLRs and Image Sensors

Seeking the Best Image Quality?

If you've been into photography for awhile, you know the difference between single lens reflex (SLR) cameras and small pocket-style cameras. SLRs offer a lot more flexibility. They generally use better lenses, and you can attach a variety of lens types from wide-angle to telephoto to zoom. They allow full manual control of exposure and focus. When composing your photo, you're looking right through the lens. These and other features of SLRs allow you to be a more creative photographer, and you might get better pictures. Read more...

Exposure Bracketing with Your Camera

Having Trouble with Lighting and Contrast?

The correct exposure is perhaps the most fundamentally important aspect of taking a good photograph. It doesn`t matter how well a picture is composed or how well it tells the story, if a photo is under or over-exposed its value is lost. So learning to manage the exposure compensation options on your digital camera shouldn't be bypassed. The fact is it's very easy to do with exposure bracketing. Read more...

Choosing a Camera Tripod

Looking for Crisp, Clear Nature Shots?

Tripods are great for taking long exposures and for getting steady nature shots. Choosing a suitable tripod for your photographic needs can be a tricky process. There are so many different brands on the market and it is difficult to decide which is the right one for your particular project. Different types of digital photography require different equipment, and when it comes to selecting a tripod, there are several factors to consider. Read more...

Creating QuickTime Virtual Reality Panoramas

The Camera Side, The Computer Side

So you've seen those cool QTVR movies on the web, and you want to learn how it's done. Well, you've come to the right place. Internet Brothers to the rescue again. We'll be talking about creating panoramic movies here, the kind you can move from side to side up to 360°, as if you're standing on the spot where the panorama was captured, spinning around.

The first thing you need to do is find a nice location. We've discovered it works best if you're on top of a multi-directional vista, or in the bottom of a valley or bowl. Think of a sine curve. But be careful when you turn. We don't want you to start out at the top and end up at the bottom. It's hard on your camera. Read more...

Desktop Publishing

The Basics of DTP

This Is Not a Typewriter

Desktop Publishing: a term that makes professional graphic artists and typographers cringe at the thought of lousy home made amateur art work. The Internet Brothers believe that businesses and individuals who need to create and produce printed materials, whether they be promotional pieces or business forms, should consider hiring graphics professionals. After all, a lot of training and experience is required to design printed pieces that look appealing, get the message across, and give a first-rate impression.

However, with the advent of the personal computer, there has been a proliferation of desktop publishing software enabling the aspiring artist to create a wide variety of materials needed to run a business or advertise a yard sale. Here, we'll provide some pointers so that your desktop publishing projects will have the best look possible. Read more...

Working With a Professional

Choosing the Right Publishing Pro

Just as owning a propane torch doesn't necessarily qualify you to do the plumbing in your house, having a computer and a printer in the den doesn't mean you're ready to create a professional-looking publication. The quality of your publication, whether it is a newsletter, a brochure, a business card, or an annual report, shapes the public's perception of your business or organization. A professionally designed and printed publication tells your potential clients that you know what you are doing. A poorly produced publication indicates the opposite. Read more...

Desktop Publishing with Grid Design

Grid Based Design

A typographic grid consists of a series of intersecting horizontal and vertical lines which can be used as a framework to structure page layout. The lines of the grid only need to be visible during the design phase, although they can remain in place if appropriate to the content. The grid enables the designer to organise and align content so that there is design consistency from page to page and thus continuity throughout the publication. Read more...

Text In Terms of Layout

A Case Study

Good web design is much more than graphics, content, and navigation. From a Desktop Publishing standpoint, it includes the knowledge of average visitors' attention span and what works in terms of layout, for an average page. Web visitors tend to have a very short attention span, but if a subject interests them, they'll be more likely to study the site. It then becomes the responsibility of the designer to make the words aesthetically appealing and easy to understand. Read more...

Desktop Potpourri

Paper, Envelopes, Binding, Printing

Are you confused regarding the many "rules" for Desktop Publishing, both on and off the web? If you want to excel in the DTP field, you need a good mix of knowledge in typography, grammar, design, paper, service bureaus, print shops, marketing, and client needs.

There's a new glossary to become familiar with. Do you know what fonts are? Do you know how to use kerning, leading, and tracking? What are ANSI characters and why do I need to know? You need to establish a relationship with a reputable printing pro. A highly professional printer is like a fine jewel; a box of chocolates; a perfectly done steak smothered in mushrooms nestled next to a baked potato drowning in chives, sour cream and butter. Read more...

Internet Life and Times

What is it that makes the Internet so compelling to so many? Aside from the obvious fun and entertainment, educational and business opportunities, and show-offism; We think it boils down to a slogan taken from the eighties. No fear! The playing field is level. Size doesn't matter, really. Inhibitions and reservations are out the window when that modem says "let's go." No hidden emotions, just pure, most-times rational thought.

Internet life is people with diseases and addictions, exposing souls and sharing their recoveries. It's about overviews of history warning future generations not to repeat the mistakes of their predecessors. Sure there are a few kooks to throw us off guard, but mostly the net is just us being ourselves without fear of reprisal. How refreshing.

The Internet is people talking and sharing ideas. Our best and brightest, wallflowers and flower children, the girl next door and the doc who delivered your kids. It's about you and me. We are all using our own cognizant voices, and we're listening too. We're challenging the status quo and offering alternatives. Collaboration on a global scale all tied together by that simplest of cyber friendships, the hyperlink. Communication has never seen anything like it. The whole world is right next door.

This spirit of community will ultimately be the lasting legacy of the first fifty years. Not the gazillionaires. Not the top-down control freaks of guerilla commerce. Instead, it will be the work-at-home moms, the redneck artists and poets, the shy nerds with decades of expression to release. We're delighted to make your acquaintance.

Near the summit of 13,243 foot Mt. Sniktau in Colorado

Internet Brothers Near the Summit of Mt Sniktau, CO July, 2011
See our Mountain Scenery page for more


Meanderthals: A Hiking Blog

Travel Photographs

National Parks

The Colorado Plateau and Appalachians

Utah, Colorado, North Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia

Waterpocket Fold

Enjoy the excitement that is America's National Park system. With photo galleries from Arches, Bryce Canyon, Capitol Reef, Canyonlands, Great Smoky Mountains, Shenandoah, Rocky Mountain, and Zion National Parks, this is sure to make you want to get your hiking boots out of storage, pick some favorite trails and overlooks, then hit the road.

National Monuments

Of History and Science

Colorado near Fruita and Utah near Panguitch

Cedar Breaks

Join us on a photographic journey through the Colorado National Monument and Rattlesnake Canyon, then on to Cedar Breaks National Monument during peak wildflower season, and Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument for a trip over Hell's Backbone above the Box Death Hollow Wilderness.

Appalachian Highlands

Cranberry Glades Wilderness

Mid-eastern West Virginia - Near Hillsboro

Meandering Stream

In the Monongahela National Forest, Cranberry Glades is one of many exciting natural attractions in this beautiful highlands area. Here you can enjoy unlimited recreational opportunities including hiking, mountain biking, horseback riding, camping, hunting, and fishing. We spent three days touring this delightful National Forest Service wilderness in May 1999.


Grand Canyon West

Northwestern Arizona - Near Peach Springs

Guano Point

Located on the Hualapai Indian Reservation, Grand Canyon West is approximately 120 miles East of Las Vegas, NV. Attractions available at Grand Canyon West include The Indian Village with authentic dwellings, The Hualapai Market, the Grand Canyon Skywalk and The Hualapai Ranch, a western town with horseback and wagon rides. The Netbros were there in late June 2007. Boy was it hot.

Blue Ridge Parkway

The Long and Winding Road

Western Virginia and North Carolina

Craggy Gardens

Following a winding, manicured path from its start as The Skyline Drive in Shenandoah National Park to its ultimate end at the entrance to Great Smoky Mountains National Park, this nearly 500 mile beauty of mid-twentieth century engineering traverses some of the most breathtaking forest land found in the eastern U. S.

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