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Awards Bestowed in Kindness

Perhaps the most flattering form of recognition is the unexpected. These webmasters have surprised us with their gracious acts of kindness. As you can imagine, this immediately places them on our "friends list." The Internet's world of community is alive in those who offer such unsolicited praise. Sincerest thanks to all.

Surfer's Choice Webmaster of the Year

July 2, 2000
Surfers Choice Internet Awards
Webmaster of the Year

If this distinction makes you more humble, then I am satiated. Your skills are more than sufficient; but this award has nothing to do with that anyway. This award is to celebrate who you are and what you do. To let you know that you are appreciated for more than your Internet accomplishments, but also for the battles you have won; the smiles you have given us; the fact that you include everyone in what you do; the fact that you celebrate your family and truly love your wife; and because you are revered by so many. It is my way of venerating you to the world. I don't wait to honor those I admire — the waters are flowing and I cannot wait.

Wally Gross - Surfers Choice Internet Awards

Words cannot describe the elation and humility Internet Brothers feels for this recognition. It doesn't get much better than this. IB.

WebbieWorld Hot Pick
October 16, 2000
WebbieWorld Hot Pick

Jeff's site just keeps getting better and better.

Mark Connell — President, WebbieWorld

Zesty Weasel 2000 January 2, 2000 W2K Olive It! Hot Site

This is - truly - one of the most helpful websites out there. Added bonus: even though the site is educational (marvelously so), it is never stuffy or tedious and these guys never, ever take themselves too seriously. Have a look round; there's something for everyone:

Elise Tomek - Saucy Tomato Design

December 3, 1999
CoolSTOP Best of the Cool

I am pleased to let you know that your site, Internet Brothers, has been chosen to receive the CoolSTOP Best of the Cool Award. Your pages stand out because of great graphic design, creativity, easy navigation and original, entertaining content. You sense a certain web spirit going on at this content-rich site. In addition to being "helpware" for web builders, there's photography, site awards, an interesting navigation system and tons of personality.

Joe Jenett - Coolmaster The CoolSTOP

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