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Cool Site of the Week

March 5, 2000 Cool Site of the Week

We are pleased to inform you that your site has been chosen as a Cool Site of the Week by, the Internet's premiere award-winning Education Portal. We choose only the highest quality sites for our Cool Sites of the Week feature, located on our main page. - Portal to the World of Knowledge

TaFWeb Gold Award
Received February 7, 1999
TaFWeb Gold Award

I've looked at your site and am pleased to say that it meets the criteria for the TaFWeb Gold Award. I wish you the best of luck with your site and hope you continue to develop it.

Terry Franks - The HTML Students' Support Pages

Located in Surrey, England, TaFWeb is an excellent web student's resource. IB.

Artis Best Info Site Award
Received Feb. 8, 1999
Artis Best Info Site Award

This award is given to outstanding educational and informative sites, that are then selected to be a registered member of the Web «Info Center» index.

Dr. Joseph Trotsky
Artis - Thames Coffee-House

Les Pages a Marc
Received January 30, 1999
Photography Web Site Award

Congratulations, I am pleased to inform you that I have enclosed the photography award with this letter. Your pictures are excellent and your technique is perfect. When I see photographs like these I regret that I can't travel so much.

Marc Trioreau - Les Pages a Marc

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