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Awards Honoring Our Content

Surfers Choice Site of the Year 2000
June 18, 2001

Internet Brothers selected as
        Surfers Choice Best of the Web site
February 5, 1999

Internet Brothers selected as
		Cool Surf of the Day
February 5-11, 1999
Surfers Choice Site of the Year for 2000

Congratulations! Your site has been selected as a Surfers Choice co-Site of the Year for 2000. Sites are selected from those that receive our Internet Award or are in our Portal Site. People in the know (or at least that's what they say) tell us Surfers Choice is considered one of the most prolific of all Internet awards. So I suppose you can take some pride in this distinction. Naturally there are many high quality award sites out there and most of you are the recipients of several of these already. We pass on our kudos to you for those as well.

Surfers Choice Best of the Web

A Surfers Choice Best of the Web award winning site meets our standards for high quality design, graphics and content. All selected sites must present a unique and valuable service for users of the Internet. However, in addition to these requirements we put a special emphasis on the personality the site reflects. In an anonymous environment such as the Internet a site that adds that magical human touch and presents the user with a special experience is to us where the foundations of this new frontier must be built. Your site, 'Internet Brothers', proudly reflects this paradigm. You have added a real human touch to your wonderful site by just being exactly who you are, which is something we find most refreshing and embracing. We also truly enjoy your humor and feel it really ties it together. And yes, I squished that annoying little critter.

Wally Gross - Surfers Choice Review Team

Wally, Surfers Choice and Technomax have been extremely kind to the Netbros throughout all of 1999. Please accept our heart felt thanks and best wishes. IB

World Best Websites
Received March 2, 1999
World Best Websites Silver Award

CONGRATULATIONS Internet Brothers - your website has been chosen as one of a select few to have won the prestigious World Best Websites - Silver Award. This is reserved for wonderful websites which excel in all aspects of site design - so display your award proudly, it is an extremely tough one to earn. Winning a silver award is recognition of a total commitment to the pursuit of website excellence. It represents an outstanding website with a high standard of design, accessibility, content, originality, professionalism & effectiveness. It's sites like yours that are leading the evolution of the Internet.

Rick Doran - Director
World Best Websites Award

The Feisty Fish Award
Received May 31, 2000
Feisty Fish Award

A lot of the causes we believe in are ones that hit close to home for us in one way or another... and we have always believed in giving back to the world. Everyone can do something to help someone else... you don't have to be a large corporation or have a lot of money to do it. If everyone took the time to reach into their heart and do something small for just one other person, think how wonderful the whole world might be.

The Something Fishy Family

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