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Dynamic HTML Page Transition Effects

Internet Explorer 4+ only

With the introduction of Microsoft's Internet Explorer 4.x, page transitions came along. Built-in to the browser itself, transitions are IE exclusive effects that are applied to the entire document upon page enter or exit. Perhaps you have seen some of these swipes and other transitional effects on television when switching between scenes.

To allow you to easily sample all of the 24 transitions and pick out the ones you want to use, we've created the following transition sampler. Use the list on the left to select a transition, and the effect will be shown in the mini-window below. When you see one you'd like to use, click "This One, please", and copy the code in the Directions box. Remember when you insert the code in your HTML file, it affects the entire page, unlike these examples.

Credits: The concept for this tip was derived from Dynamic Drive. Internet Brothers has tailored the look and function to fit our layout.

Choose Transition
Box in
Box out
Circle in
Circle out 
Wipe up 
Wipe down 
Wipe right 
Wipe left
Vertical blinds 
Horizontal blinds
Checkerboard across
Checkerboard down
Random dissolve
Split vertical in 
Split vertical out
Split horizontal in
Split horizontal out
Strips left down 
Strips left up
Strips right down
Strips right up
Random bars horizontal
Random bars vertical
Blend in

Directions: Simply insert the code below into the <head> section of your page. You can change the duration of the effect from the default of 4 seconds to another by changing "Duration=4" to your choice.

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