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Web Site Promotion Basics
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Get Your Page Listed

You have two choices. Do it yourself, or hire a submission service. Most established webmasters agree this job is better done yourself. You are the one who built the site, you know all the ins and outs. Making sure submission guidelines are followed greatly enhances your chances of having a quality listing. However, if you are new to the Web, a submission service may be worth the initial boost it gives your site. Ask for recommendations or referrals from satisfied customers, study other resources. Start your online publicity efforts by registering with these places:

  • Search Engines: For most surfers, this is the first place checked for anything on the Net. Search engines and portal sites funnel the traffic flow of the Web. Most established sites are listed. If you want to be found, you need to get listed too. Some engines index or spider your whole site from one URL. For others you need to submit each URL. Find out the basics of each. Search engines are part of Internet life, check their guidelines before submitting. Begin with AltaVista, HotBot, and Infoseek.

  • Directories: Not to be confused with search engines, directories index and catalog. Getting listed in the right places can make a difference. Start with major directories like Yahoo and Lycos. Then look for directories that catalog sites in your field or subject matter. For example, if you run a bait shop, you might begin with hunting and fishing guides. And don't forget the global nature of the Internet. Look for directories from foreign countries and list your site there.

  • Link Exchanges: Good linked resources are a popular feature of many Web sites. They frequently get bookmarked. Linked resources provide an excellent opportunity to network by trading links. The primary argument persists over whether or not to list competitive sites. For Helpware sites such as 1998 on the Web, or other information references, linking competitive sources may actually enhance your site because of the extension. But if you are selling on the Web, you may be better off linking complimentary sites. Using the bait shop example, exchange links with rafting companies, not other bait shops.

  • Site Awards: Awards build recognition, reputation, and traffic. So do "Cool" and "Hot" site listings, but apply only after all your "Under Construction" signs have been removed. Let the reviewer see the finished product.

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    Article inspired by Regina Garson, editor and publisher of Magic Stream Journal.


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